Age of consent increases – Philippines

According to the country’s National Baseline Study on Violence against Children (Council for the Welfare of Children, 2016), 1 out of 4 Filipino children experience some form of sexual violence with children aged 13-17 experiencing the most sexual violence. Majority of the victims of rape are children aged 13-15 according to the Philippine Commission on Women. By raising the age of sexual consent, we are casting a wider net to protect more children from being sexually abused and exploited, especially by adults.



The Republic of Korea has become the 62nd country to prohibit corporal punishment against children, and the fourth in the Asia Pacific region. With a child population of nine million, the Republic of Korea’s prohibition means 300 million children worldwide are now fully protected from violent punishment by law.


Scotland becomes first UK nation to ban smacking of children

Scotland’s law banning the smacking of children came into effect on Saturday, making it the first UK nation to do so.

The law provides children with the same protection from assault as adults receive.


Age of Consent increased to 16 in the Philippines

“This law reform is particularly urgent because the Philippines has such a high prevalence of violence against children,” chief of child protection at the UN children’s agency UNICEF Patrizia Benvenuti said.



Today they are proud to announce the launch of, a new initiative in global child protection training. The 60-90 minute online course, with trackable certification, trains security guards, cleaners, bus drivers, parent volunteers, and others on key Child Protection information, such as expectations of adult behavior, signs of abuse, and how to report concerns.


International School of Beijing

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Ministry of Health (MoH), Brunei to establish child protection units in all districts

The Ministry of Health (MoH) has said it will form Child Safeguarding Units in all four districts, as part of wider plans to improve the government’s response to child abuse and neglect.


Boarding schools ‘must teach pupils about sexual abuse’

Parents tell inquiry teaching should begin from earliest possible age, but school staff not confident in dealing with concerns


Coronavirus lockdown raises risk of online child abuse, charity says

A shortage of moderators who combat sexual abuse online combined with children spending more time on the internet at home has created a “perfect storm” for abusers to take advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic, one of the UK’s biggest safeguarding charities has warned.


Submission by Human Rights Watch to the Committee on the Rights of the Child Concerning Vietnam

This submission focuses on the topic of violence and discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth, the protection of students, teachers, and schools during time of armed conflict, and violence against children. It proposes issues and questions that Committee members may wish to raise with the government.


Boy Ends Up With Fractured Face From Teacher’s Alleged Slapping Using Slippers

Many, while not every parent, will agree that corporal punishments are necessary to discipline a child. In fact, 2019 survey by YouGov found that the majority (70%) of Singaporean parents think that physical punishment is sometimes necessary, especially when an act or behaviour warrants it such as stealing, violence and bullying. The latter also found that despite this, not all parents agree on corporal punishment in schools.


Paying lip service to the rights of children: Is child abuse in Sri Lanka a national crisis?

A 13-year-old female student from Gampaha District desperately appealed to ban the sale of canes in Sri Lanka because every class in her school has a cane, which is put to maximum use at every lesson of every day.


Take a ‘proportionate approach’ to child-on-child sexual abuse, expert urges

Schools should take a “welfare approach” to both the victim and the perpetrator in cases of child-on-child sexual abuse, a safeguarding specialist has recommended


What schools can do to reduce the risk that teachers and other educators will sexually abuse children

There’s no shortage of reports about American teachers and other school staff getting arrested for allegedly sexually abusing one or more children.


The American Academy Of Pediatrics On Spanking Children: Don’t Do It, Ever

Twenty years after urging caution among parents who choose to discipline their children with spankings, the American Academy of Pediatrics has updated its stance. Now, its overwhelming consensus for parents: Do not do it.


Allegations against former St Kevin’s head of junior school referred to police by child safety …

Child safety authorities have made numerous referrals to Victoria Police over allegations about teachers following a Four Corners investigation into …


This national child grooming programme must be fought

The Conservative Woman

This national child grooming programme must be fought … SEX education in primary schools is tantamount to grooming, in effect if not intention. … and Child Protection Group when head teacher Ed Matyjaszek (Mat-ee-ay-chek) from …


Pampa ISD incorporating corporal punishment and teacher bonus program

The Pampa Independent School District abandoned corporal punishment in the 1990’s, but have decided to give it another try to get a handle on …