countries currently planned or being considered for travel by 112 Safeguarding: bangkok, thailand (october 2022); seoul, south korea (2023); london, uk (open); New delhi, India (open).

YCYW Schools, China, undertake Level 2&3 Combined Training & ‘PD Mondays’ case study workshops.

January – May 2022

Over two days in early January 2022, staff from YCYW Schools, China, undertook training with ‘112 Safeguarding’ completing a bespoke combined Level 2/3 Safeguarding & Child Protection course. Damien Hehir, Head of Collaboration and Safeguarding for YCYW Schools, co-ordinated over 150 staff in the completion of the online training program delivered by Chris Gould, Independent Child Protection Consultant.

Further collaboration between YCYW Schools, China, has led to the development of a series of Personal Development workshops – known as ‘PD Mondays’. The series (presented over some four months between Jan – May 2022) consists of increasing complex child protection case studies for staff to work through in groups. The workshops are leading to Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs) and senior leaders reviewing current practice and, at the same time, informing policy and procedural updates to a range of safeguarding areas.

Chris said, ‘The staff engagement within the case study workshops is extremely encouraging. People are feeling safe to have a go and that commitment and courage has led to some extraordinarily positive discussions thus far’.

Collaboration with ‘112 Safeguarding’ is helping to extend safeguarding awareness amongst the YCYW School community and give some depth and breadth to operational child protection work, to the benefit of the key safeguarding stakeholder group. This is a significant commitment to safeguarding – YCYW Schools are to commended for their engagement in this important and critical topic.

Hibiscus International School, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

May 2022

A series of online video workshops were delivered by ‘112 Safeguarding’ to staff at Hibiscus International School, Kuala Lumpur throughout May 2022. The series focussed on Levels One – Three combined child protection training.

Ruamrudee International School, Bangkok, Thailand

April – May 2022

A series of online video workshops were delivered by ‘112 Safeguarding’ to staff at Ruamrudee International School, Bangkok during April and May 2022. The series focussed on Levels One – Two combined child protection training.

Berkeley International School, Bangkok, Thailand

April – May 2022

A series of online video workshops were delivered by ‘112 Safeguarding’ to staff at Berkeley International School, Bangkok in late April and early May 2022. The series focussed on Levels One – Three combined child protection training. Finalists – Bett Awards,

London, March 2022

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Chris, Alicia, Angelica & Matt ( Team) at the annual Bett Awards Diner at The Montcalm at the Brewery, London, UK 

The team were finalists at the Bett Awards 2022 event held in London, UK on Wednesday 23 March 2022. With seven others they reached the finalist selection in the ‘Wellbeing, Digital Wellness & Safeguarding Resources’ category. Whilst not winners this year, have punched well above their weight to reach this point as a new start up company, offering online child protection training, to date in 30+ languages and 53 countries.

With over 18,500 certificates already issued globally and more online products to follow this year, this is one service for International Schools and others to watch. See the website: for further information.


Vientiane International School, Laos

February 2022

On 24 February 2022, ‘112 Safeguarding’ delivered a two-hour online ‘Green Room’ case study workshop to staff at Vientiane International School (VIS).

Further information on ‘Green Room’ case studies can be obtained by making contact via

Online Safeguarding & Child Protection Workshops for Medan Independent School (MIS), Indonesia.

January 2022

MIS logo 2022-01-10 at 12.21

Over two workshop sessions on 3-4 January 2022, Chris Gould from ‘112 Safeguarding’ facilitated training for 28 people at Medan Independent School, Indonesia. The workshops incorporated a review of the current MIS Child Protection Policy, a Level 1 Safeguarding and Child Protection input as well as material on strategic priorities for Board and Senior Leaders.

The training was organised by Darren Acomb, Head of School, MIS, who had heard Chris speaking with Matt Harris of at an EARCOS webinar during the last quarter of 2021.

‘I cannot thank you enough for your time over the past two days – an excellent training and starting point for our review’, wrote Darren at the conclusion of the two workshops, which had also been attended by members of the MIS Board of Trustees.

MIS Class 2022-01-10 at 12.33

‘The MIS Online Class of January 2022 with Chris Gould’

EARCOS Child Protection Webinar 4:

Saturday 11 December 2021

The final webinar in the series of four, entitled ‘The Role of the DSL’ was presented on Saturday 11 December 2021 to an enthusiastic and engaging audience.

Matt Harris from and Chris Gould from 112 Safeguarding have received numerous follow up enquiries and questions during and throughout this child protection series of webinars. If you have any follow up questions on the four webinars:

  1. Overview of Child Protection
  2. Crafting a Child Protection Policy
  3. Overview of Child Protection Training
  4. The Role of the DSL

Please get in touch via

EARCOS Child Protection Webinar 3:

Saturday 20 November 2021

The third webinar session entitled ‘Overview of Child Protection Training’ in this series was presented on Saturday 20 November 2021 by Matt Harris from and Chris Gould of 112 Safeguarding.

For more information on any of the webinars in this series, please make contact via

EARCOS Child Protection Webinar 2:

Saturday 23 October 2021

The second of a four webinar series on child protection related issues for International Schools was delivered to EARCOS members today. The topic was ‘Crafting a Child Protection Policy’ and was put together by Matt Harris, CEO, and Chris Gould, Independent Child Protection Consultant, 112 Safeguarding.

This was another popular webinar with over 250 individuals registering for the event. Attendees were given a copy of the webinar PowerPoint slide-deck, a link to the recorded webinar, together with a comprehensive Child Protection policy template and sign posted towards other resources. The conversations and questions from attendees were broad, including questions on child protection policy requirements for Boarding Schools, Safeguarding policies for parents, Curriculum material on safeguarding related matters for students, parental engagement with child protection education amongst other issues.

Don’t miss out on further webinar events in the series, being aired in November and December 2021. EARCOS members can register for future events at:

EARCOS Child Protection Webinar 1:

Saturday 25 September 2021


The first of four safeguarding and child protection webinars were presented in a 90 minute session by Matt Harris, CEO of and Chris Gould, Independent Child Protection Consultant, 112 Safeguarding to EARCOS members on Saturday 25 September 2021.


This first session was well attended with over 200 signing up for the event. The questions continued well after the planned closure of the webinar with Matt and Chris answering safeguarding queries for a further half hour. Further events will follow in October, November and December 2021. Members can register for future events at:


Online training with Nova International School, Macedonia Aug-Sep 2021


During August & September 2021, after much planning by Student Services Coordinator, Jana Shishkovska, and Counselor, Mary Platz-Ivanovski, 112 Safeguarding delivered a number of online Zoom training workshops (Level 1&2 Child Protection – Combined) to staff, including the Director, Principals, Assistant Principals, HR personnel and Counselors, together with a separate specialist module for the School Nurses.


The three Level 1&2 Combined safeguarding and child protection workshops included exploration and discussion of a variety of complex strategic issues. In particular, this input has assisted key stakeholders within child protection to refocus on their safeguarding framework and policies.

Comments from a few attendees:

“Thank you for leading an engaging and informative learning environment. A number of much-needed conversations have been started or furthered as a result.”

“Thank you for leading the way for us.”

“Thank you for your guidance and support in this process. I do believe we are making small but measurable steps in the right direction, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of every member of our community and especially our students.”

“Thank you for your time and dedication to the sessions.” 

It has been a great pleasure working alongside Jana and Mary and I wish them and others fostering and developing the work of safeguarding at Nova International School all the very best in the months ahead. The school has already demonstrated significant commitment to this area of work in prioritising this topic. I am sure the incremental steps being taken will support the momentum in the right direction.

FOBISIA CPD & Safeguarding eConference

May 2021

Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 14.15.02

Chris Gould, 112 Safeguarding was a speaker at this May 2021 FOBISIA event, presenting two sessions: (1) Safeguarding Ambiguities, Challenges and Near Misses, and (2) What’s Being Missed in Safer Recruitment?

Thanks to John Gwyn Jones MBE, CEO, FOBISIA for the invitation to speak and providing an excellent platform for so many good speakers to present their CPD and Safeguarding sessions. It was a pleasure to connect with so many schools throughout and since the event.


Level 1&2 Child Protection Training –

American Embassy School (AES), New Delhi – Mar/April 2021

Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 14.08.53

Considerable work, energy and effort was put in by the American Embassy School (AES), New Delhi, Child Protection Team during 2020, working periodically with Chris Gould from 112 Safeguarding, in reviewing, developing and improving the AES Safeguarding Framework, related policies and organisational incident and concerns response. This culminated in a series of Level 1&2 zoom training sessions being delivered by 112 Safeguarding to over 30 AES staff during March and April 2021.

Safeguarding training for staff at

Vientiane International School, Lao PDR –

July/November 2020:

Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 13.45.13

112 Safeguarding delivered a series of three Zoom workshops on Safeguarding and Child Protection for strategic leaders at Vientiane International School (VIS), Lao PDR, between 29-31 July 2020. This was followed by the delivery of safer recruitment a specialist workshop on ‘Recruitment Interviews’ via Zoom to VIS staff on the 2 November 2020.

Safeguarding & Child Protection Training,

King’s College International School, Bangkok, Thailand 19 – 20 March 2020

Screenshot 2020-04-05 at 17.51.06

It was a great pleasure to meet and work with senior leaders and key stakeholders from the safeguarding team at King’s College, Bangkok over two days of intensive training. The first day was an adapted Level 1&2 course followed by an adapted Level 3 course on day two. Everyone committed themselves to the challenging group work and case studies and I have been encouraged to see the energy being put into developing and improving policy since we finished the training. Well done to everyone involved.

Safeguarding Audit: Bangkok Prep, Bangkok,Thailand 16 -17 March 2020

I recently conducted a safeguarding and child protection audit at Bangkok Prep, Bangkok. Thanks to all the staff who made themselves available for interview during what was a difficult week with COVID-19. The earlier submission of safeguarding policies, procedures, protocols, guidance and other child protection related material was a great help for me in establishing a base line against good practice standards.

The final audit report has now been sent to Bangkok Prep who will use it as a reference document for their Child Protection Action Plan managed by their Safeguarding Committee.


Safeguarding Training & Consultancy with the International School of Beijing (ISB)

11 – 14 November 2019


Thanks to the staff from the International School of Beijing (ISB) for their commitment and engagement throughout the various safeguarding training courses I delivered from 11 – 14 November 2019 in Beijing. Training included Level 1&2 Combined courses, a Level 3 specialist course as well as the Train the Trainer program. Throughout the week I was able to meet with key stakeholders in order to consult on ISB strategic safeguarding progress as well as current challenges. The school is to be congratulated on progress made in enhancing their whole school strategic and operational safeguarding responses throughout the past four years. I look forward to continuing collaboration with this energetic and enthusiastic team.

EARCOS 2019 Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

(31 Oct – 2 Nov 2019)


It was a great pleasure to attend EARCOS 2019 and meet so many committed, passionate and caring educators. A huge takeaway for me was the work of Carlene Firmin from Bedfordshire University, UK in relation to Peer-On-Peer abuse and the value to all international schools of the Contextual Safeguarding Network which is free to sign up to and join.

There were numerous quality sessions throughout the conference as well as an opportunity to sign up for information on a new online child protection training course targeted at local indigenous staff, including: gardeners, cleaners, security staff, sub-contractors, drivers, volunteers, TA’s and others. See for more information.

Level Three Safeguarding Training, Bangkok

(7-8 February 2019)

Bangkok Prep Class photo
Specialist Training Event for International School staff in Bangkok

Chris Gould delivered Level Three Safeguarding and Child Protection training to staff from:

Bangkok International Preparatory and Secondary School, Thailand

British School of Kathmandu, Nepal

Harrow International School Bangkok, Thailand

Regents International School Pattaya, Thailand

Charter International School, Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Patana School – The British International School in Thailand

The event was organized and hosted over two days (7 & 8 February 2019) at the Bangkok International Preparatory and Secondary School. Thanks go to Joshua Watters, Deputy Head of Secondary, and his staff.

The training days were interactive and included group work and some thought provoking and challenging material. Delegates reported leaving with some new personal and professional insights and safeguarding related tasks to undertake. Whilst a sense of achievement and satisfaction was in evidence with what schools were already doing; raising the bar for safeguarding and child protection standards reportedly will continue to be part the agenda for all attendees. The courage often needed to take direct action on behalf of children for whom we have a duty of care was emphasized and reinforced during the training sessions. Continuing teamwork and improved safeguarding knowledge and skills, and a culture of organizational support, will all nurture and underpin the capacity to effectively protect children and young people within school communities and beyond.

Bangkok Prep Training 8Feb19i
Chris Gould & Duncan Stonehouse (Head of School, Bangkok Prep) with delegates from Day Two Specialist Level Three Safeguarding & Child Protection Course, Bangkok, Thailand (Feb 2019)