Chris Gould 112 Information Flyer 2019

There are a range of additional consultants, trainers and counsellors that 112 SAFEGUARDING has available to support its work and mission.

The type of consultancy work that Chris has provided to International Schools in Europe, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific regions, include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1. Safeguarding and child protection related policy and procedure review
  2. Safeguarding bespoke school audits or reviews
  3. Independent internal safeguarding related (staff or student) complaint inquiry – or advisory (supporting) role
  4. Independent external criminal safeguarding or child abuse related investigation
  5. Review of internal school safeguarding related inquiries (staff or student)
  6. Advisory capacity for international law enforcement, Embassy or Consulate safeguarding referrals
  7. Critical incident advisor
  8. Written opinion on safeguarding related matters
  9. Expert witness testimony
  10. Counselling, supervision and professional support, development and/or mentoring for designated child protection officers or senior school leaders in respect of all matters safeguarding


Global Experience:

Chris has conducted safeguarding and child protection work with International Schools, Expatriate Communities, Embassies and related conferences with the following countries: Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Switzerland, Mongolia, Vietnam, Oman, Jordan, Hong Kong, China, UK, Romania, Croatia, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Russia, Malaysia, India, Laos, Macedonia, Japan and Australia.