1. Does 112 SAFEGUARDING provide certificates that can be used to demonstrate safeguarding and child protection training undertaken by the school for the purposes of future accreditation?

Answer: Yes, 112 SAFEGUARDING provides each school with an attendance certificate for each delegate who undertakes and completes any of the training courses offered. The certificates will identify the individual trained, the date of the training and the detail of any specific training undertaken. Each certificate will also identify the time period the certificate remains valid. Staff training records should be updated on completion  and authenticated-certificates handed to individuals who attended.

112 Example Certificate Level Three

2. Does 112 SAFEGUARDING offer training for smaller numbers than 8 delegates as described as the minimum number in the course descriptions?

Answer: Yes. This is possible by agreement and can involve one to one mentoring or even masterclasses for small groups or individuals. The running time for the delivery of programs may be adjusted accordingly, so an enquiry will need to be made with details of what is required in order to establish content, timing and method of delivery (ie face to face, distance learning package or video conferencing).

3. Is it possible to share costs for a trainer from 112 Safeguarding to come to my country?

Answer: Yes.

  • In relation to travel costs (flights), it may well be that 112 Safeguarding are working or likely to work in your region. It may be mutually beneficial for your organisation and another (or others) to share the travel costs.
    1. By looking at the top of the 112 Activity section on this website, you can see a list of countries currently being planned or considered for travel.
    2. Please contact us to remain on an ’alert system’ to be notified if 112 Safeguarding is likely to be in your region.
  • In relation to training/consultancy fees, these can be reduced by organising other schools in your region to attend your premises for the same training – this way you can charge training rates for other schools or individuals.