‘112 Safeguarding’ is an independent safeguarding and child protection organisation with a global reach. Its raison d’être is to protect children from abuse by working preventatively with expatriate communities, wherever they may be in the world. The success of these collaborations to date, linked to child protection related knowledge and skill building, has served to make ‘112 Safeguarding’ a valuable and formidable resource for many International Schools in the sector today.


Chris Gould BA (Hons), Dip SP&C

Independent Child Protection Consultant


CG CV Abridged OCT 2019

Chris Gould

Enhancing International School communities through the building of safeguarding and child protection knowledge and capacity. Contributing to the development of professionally effective child protection practices within the contexts of global law enforcement and other regulatory child protection frameworks.

Independent Child Protection Consultant who can provide International Schools with an investigative service or problem resolution; expert witness skills; safeguarding audit and practice appraisals; specific case reviews or ‘near miss’ debriefing facilitation and guidance; as well as a wide range of safeguarding, child protection and ‘first responder’ training programs.

Former Detective Chief Superintendent within the British Police in the roles of senior investigating officer and firearms commander, senior manager and child protection lead; Experience as a children’s child protection charity founder, trustee (Honorary Vice President and CEO), recipient of the Home Office, Award for Innovation presented by the Home Secretary and the Children’s Champion Award from Kidscape, UK.

Commitment to Safer Recruitment or Engagement:

Should your organisation consider engaging my services, I would like to encourage you to conduct appropriate due diligence checks. In so doing, I hope to model to you this important aspect of safer recruitment – for all employees, volunteers and visitors on site.

I have a confidential portfolio document summarising all undertakings with International Schools and Expatriate Communities since May 2014. I am happy to share this information (on request) should potential clients wish to conduct further due diligence prior to commissioning future work.

I am also able to provide a high level Police Security Clearance certificate, together with an Association of Chief Police Officers Police certificate (criminal record check) and a ‘Working with Children Check’ Blue Card (Business) from the Queensland Government, Australia.

Please make all such requests via the following link: Contact Page

112 SAFEGUARDING is an Australian Registered Business Name and as an entity is registered as ‘112 SAFEGUARDING Family Trust’ for whom Chris Gould is a Trustee. The Australian Business Number (ABN) is: 48 535 950 435. There are a range of additional consultants, trainers and counsellors that 112 SAFEGUARDING has available to support its work and mission.