Child Protection Incident Recording


CPOMS provide safeguarding, pastoral and wellbeing solutions for schools across the world. They have recently been recognised for their innovation by receiving the Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

Given the current international COVID emergency, and the challenge for schools having to track vulnerable students in disparate locations around the world without having access to key information, CPOMS are offering their digital safeguarding recording system FREE until September 2020 to all schools not currently using a digital safeguarding recording system.

Furthermore, MyConcern Safeguarding Software who provide safeguarding services and software to many thousands of schools is being offered FREE to all schools until September 2020 that currently don’t have an electronic record keeping system.

Online Safety (ii) ‘Whisper’ Anonymous Reporting


The South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL) UK have made their reporting app ‘Whisper’ available for FREE for UK and International Schools  at this time. An anonymous reporting service that will enable anyone in your whole-school community to securely raise safeguarding or other concerns by using a reporting form.

There are numerous inclusive encrypted features including Live Chat via Website, so that you can keep in touch with the individual who is reporting. Users need to know how frequently their messages will be reviewed and what the response times are likely to be.

A safe way for parents, staff and students to report safeguarding concerns 24/7.


Online Safety (i)


The global coronavirus pandemic has increased opportunities for online child abusers to target children. We should take measures to ensure that our whole school communities monitor any increased risks – and act to prevent or intervene wherever necessary.

The effect of the pandemic means some IT companies may reduce usual levels of moderation commonly in place to combat sexual abuse online. Many children are not currently at school and are spending considerably more time online at home. They will be using the Internet to stay in touch with family and friends as well as to learn. This could lead to an increased risk of exposure to harmful content and possible sexual exploitation.